WooCommerce Store Stock Management

Managing the products on your website is easy using the Stock Management option.

Log in

First things first, you will need to login to your website management portal using your Shop Manager website credentials.

Stock Management

Once you are logged in, select the Stock Management option available under the main Products menu item

You will then be presented with a list of all the products added to your website. From here you have a number of different options.

Searching For A Product

You can find specific products quickly and easily by entering the product name you are searching for in the search bar (as shown below)

Filter Products Displayed

You can also filter the product list displayed by the products current stock status (ie in/out of stock) or the product category. Just select your preferred filter option from the drop down box and click the “Filter” button as shown below.

Mark A Product In/Out Of Stock

You can mark any of your products in/out of stock easily with a few clicks. Firstly select the item(s) you need to change the stock status on, by ticking the item selection box. See below the 1st product displayed is selected and is shown as in stock in the “Stock Status” column.

With the item(s) you wish to change the stock status on selected, click on the “Bulk Actions” drop down menu.

Select your required option from the drop down menu and click the “Apply” button as shown below.

The item status is then changed as required. You will see in the image below that the 1st item is now shown as out of stock.

NOTE: Items marked as out of stock will not be displayed to your customers in the website shop. 

Change Individual Stock Quantities

To change the individual stock quantity of a product simply enter your stock amount in the “Quantity” column. You must then save the new stock quantity by selecting “Save Stock Quantities” from the Bulk Actions drop down menu and clicking the “Apply” button.