Using Email Buddy

Email Buddy is a system we’ve built into your website that allows you to send simple marketing emails directly from your website. Your website visitors can subscribe to receive your emails directly from the form on your website. When they submit their details, their email address is automatically added to your mailing list.

We have made this system compliant with UK email best practice guidelines. Whilst not actually required by law, this will help avoid problems with email blacklisting and SPAM complaints.

Your subscribers must go through a double opt in process before they will be added to your mailing list. The 1st opt in is when the website visitor submits their details on your website. Once they have done this they will receive and automatic email asking them to click a link to confirm their subscription (2nd/double opt in). Once they have clicked to confirm, they will be added to your mailing list.

Every email you send out will have an automatic unsubscribe link inserted in the bottom of the email. This is also advised as best practice.

Log In

To get started the you will need to log in to your website portal using your Shop Manager credentials.

Once logged in you will see the Email Buddy options displayed in the Admin Panel on the left hand side of your dashboard:

With Email Buddy you can send simple group emails to everyone who has registered to receive News & Offers on your website.

When a website visitor submits their details via the form on your website, they are automatically added to your News & Offers mailing group in Email Buddy.

Creating A New Email Message To Send Out

Select “Messages” from the Email Buddy menu items and you will be taken to the new message creation screen.

Messages you have previously created are also displayed, as shown below.

To create a new message enter a new message title and your email details.

You can personalise your email by inserting the “custom_name” variable from the drop down list. If you insert “custom_name” as (shown below) the system will add your subscribers name to the email they receive thereby personalising the email to each individual user.

Click the “Add Message” button to save your email for sending.

Sending Your Email Message To Subscribers

Select “Groups” from the Email Buddy menu

Move your mouse cursor over the the News & Offers group listing and click on the “Broadcast Option” which appears.


You will then be presented with the Email Buddy Broadcast screen. Simply select your email message (listed by title) from the drop down list and click the “Send Broadcast” button.

Your new email will then be queued by Email Buddy and automatically sent out to your subscriber list within a few minutes.

Additional Features

Email Buddy has several additional features that you may find useful

Select “Tools” from the Email Buddy menu and you will be presented with the options screen (shown below). 

Emailing Tab:

  • Force Send – will send and emails queued for sending immediately
  • Clear Queue – will delete emails queued but not yet sent
  • Send a test email
  • Unsubscribe a specific user from your list

Import Emails Tab:

  • Allows you to import email addresses into your mailing list

Export Emails Tab:

  • Allows you to download a list of all your subscribers. this is useful if you use a more advanced emailing system and wish to add your website subscribers to that system.

Scheduled Activity Tab:

  • This is used for debugging purposes and isn’t needed for sending emails.